Welcome to the summer team!

We are Zuzana from Slovakia and Mathilde, Gaëtan and Chloé from France. Gaëtan and Chloé, who are Service Civique volunteers sent by SCI France came on 13th of April and will stay for five months. Mathilde and Zuzana, who stay here with EVS for 6 months, came on 5th of May.

Mathilde really enjoy living in community and sharing with others volunteers (she needs to improve her English to share as much as possible!). Gaëtan came to make a break in his life, find his way and improve his English. Zuzana is vegan and she really wants to take part in the sustainable lifestyle in Postaja. She decided to come in Kuterevo to help in an animal welfare project. Chloé wanted to travel and work at the same time in an environment protection project, so Kuterevo is the perfect place for her.

Since we arrived, we were helping a lot for building the new enclosure, which means we were digging, carrying concrete and moving gravels from a place to another! Apart from that, we also learnt to recognize all the good plants for bears and all the good beers for volunteers. We had some good parties to prove it!

Few weeks ago, Mathilde and Chloé decided to bring back the garden to life and thanks to Amélie’s guidance, they’re trying to set up a permaculture garden, which is environmental friendly and shouldn’t need as much work as a traditional garden. It’s quite a new thing for them so they’re learning a lot but we hope that we will soon eat our own carrots, radish, zucchinis and other good things!

Two weeks ago, we started Croatian lessons with Michaela, a teacher from Kuterevo. In few months, we should be able to speak a little bit of Croatian at last!

Now the summer is coming, and since we will all stay until September, we are really busy preparing the arrival of summer groups of volunteer. This year, Kuterevo will welcome 16 scout groups and two workcamps with SCI. Hope they’re ready because there is a lot of work to do here!

Mathilde, Zuzana, Gaëtan and Chloé.

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