International Volunteer Day 2013 – what happened :)

As mentioned before, on December 5th was the International Volunteer Day!

The theme for this year was YOUNG.GLOBAL.ACTIVE, and the day was supposed to be a global celebration of young people acting as the agents of change in their communities and their contribution to global peace and sustainable human development.

“Today, we are highlighting the millions of young volunteers around the world who are acting globally for social change.” (Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon)


Now we’d like to tell you what we did and how it was:

The 2 following weeks were filled with activities in schools. In any one of them were missing our homemade cookies Postaja style (and still in improvement process).

The first visit was in the Otočac high school, where we spoke about the difficulties that a volunteer can face, such as don´t know what to do, friends making fun of you, and on the other hand, how easy can be for everyone to volunteer at local scale. We also had a small recycling workshop, making with them wallets with tetra pack, so they could see a possible use for things we usually throw away.

Hrvatski radio Otočac was also interested in the international day of volunteering activities and schools!

The guys were very creative and it is possible that a brisk volunteer group will born soon in the school.

With the other three elementary schools in Kuterevo, Vrhovine and Brinje and we did many games to give us the chance to get to know each other’s (our countries, our experience in Kuterevo and its lifestyle and way of leaving), meet the kids, share their interests and a little overview of what is volunteering.


  • Volunteering is is something that everyone can make.
  • Is helping who is in need; is contributing to good causes with good will, the most important thing is that you want to do it!
  • You can give your time, energy, whatever you want, but you don´t have to expect nothing back!

Kuterevo School was an incredible experience, and the kids recognized their homes on a village-map that we drawn!

We already have new ideas for possible future activities.

Ah.. we were forgetting, we tried to do all this in Croatian!! After two months of lessons, put into practice what we learned was hard but funny!!

Vidimo se uskoro za više ažuriranja!!

In the end we would like to thank Anita, Mateja and Vesna, for being the contact with the schools.

Teo and Guaci

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