Recycling, Upcycling, Bearcycling workcamp

For two weeks – from 21 st July until 4 th of August people from 11 countries (Spain, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belgium, South Korea, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia, Ireland) took part in our “Recycling, Upcycling, Bearcycling” workcamp. The idea behind the workcamp was to raise (more) awareness about the excesive consumption of the throwaway society that we have turned into. We wanted to demonstrate that we can “do more with less” by giving a new life to old furniture and materials that we have been collected through out the years in the village.


New, colorful, artistic but yet pragmatic furnitures such as cork table, skateboard bench, a chair from old plastic bag, chess game, etc. were made in the beginning of the workcamp. The result of the hard work during this first week were later displaid at Eko-Etno festival in Otocac (a fair where people from Lika region can show their local and handmade products). During the festival we also prepared workshops to make recycled wallets out of tetrapacks and decorate bottles with decoupage. The recycled furniture will be now used as a showcase for the visitors of the refuge to demonstrate how we can redesign and bring back to life old furniture.


Second week we focused on improving the facilities of the refuge. We made a new picnic table for visitors and starting working on the educational part for children who visit the refuge. We made two games for kids between seven and eleven years so they can reflect on what they have seen or learn during the guided tour around the refuge.


This workcamp was not only about working and partying but also about learning. During the workcamp the participants could learn more about permaculture and ecological footprint through workshops, presentations and movie projections. As well we visited local people to understand how they live with the basics and see the traditional way of making coklje, tamburica and chairs. Also we were learning about the different cultures from our own countries through dancing, singing and even eating.
For more information, check this links:

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Or watch these documentaries:

Blue gold: world water wars

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We hope and believe that this workcamp left a visible footprint in the refuge and that will be only the begininning of new and better educational projects in the future.

Marco & Nelly

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