R.I.P. Mimi

Since summer 2010 – Mimi was the famous dog-volunteer in Kuterevo. We were happy to have her in our volunteers’ team. She lived in house which is on the main road to the Bear Refuge and all the groups had to pass by it. When a group of visitors would come to Kuterevo, Mimi would jump out of the house and take a lead all the way down to the big bears.  We were sure that she will take them to the right place. She would spend time with volunteers, coming and leaving when she wanted to come or leave.


She looked very similar to Idéfix, a white dog who belongs to Obelix. Therefore, she was also known as Ivanix.

In August 2011 she got sick and after 2.5 months of struggle, she passed away.

We will miss you – Rest in Peace Mimi.

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