Land for the bears

Land for the bears KuterevoEvery year more than 100 bears are killed in Croatia. Trophy hunting, poaching, traffic and railway accidents, poisoning…  Among the victims are bear mothers whose deaths mean almost no chance for survival of their cubs left alone. These baby bears starve to death, get killed by predators or get close to humans, who most of the time try to help them by feeding them. But getting accustomed to people and losing their natural fear of them, the cubs lose as well any chance to live in the wild.

Spring is the most critical period for cubs and their mothers, being confronted to the world more and more governed by humans when they are at the weakest age of their life. Just going out of their den, while the hunting season is in its peak, “mistakes” can happen and mothers can be shot although it is not allowed. They are as well confronted to human infrastructures and they can be killed on roads or railways. Thus, around 20-30 cubs stay without their mothers every year. The only possibility for orphan bears to be saved in Croatia and Western Balkans is Kuterevo Bear refuge.

Why this campaign?

With nine bears in the refuge we are about to reach our limits of space and land and will not be able to save more cubs if we do not expand and develop our capacities.

Many people have recognized the need for this bear refuge and thus, only with their support (volunteering, donations…), it has been possible to have this project running for 11 years. Only a big need for more land and enclosures for bears is a motivation for us to actively ask for worldwide support through this campaign. Indeed, we plan to build a new enclosure in an area of about 2 hectares, with fences complying with safety standard and all the necessary facilities for the bears (pools, wooden houses and caves, adapted toys…).

enclosureThere are different ways in which you can support us for this project:

  • You can donate money with which a part of the purchase of land, materials and tools will be covered.
  • You can buy a piece of land and donate it to the organization or become an honourable owner of a piece in the refuge.
  • You can spread the message to your friends, family and
    various networks, in order to reach more Friends of the Bears caring about this cause.


For a direct donation:

VELEBITSKA UDRUGA KUTEREVO. Kuterevo 109, 53225 Kuterevo.
Bank account: Erste Bank. IBAN: HR3024020061100267578. SWIFT: ESBCHR22

On behalf of the bears, we thank you for your support and we hope to see you in Kuterevo.

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