Gagolica? Glago what? What it’s this?

The last 4 of January, Nikola, ex-Kuterevo’s Volunteer, was teaching us Glagolica.

That is the most old Slavic alphabet. Was used for to translate the Bible and data from IX A.C. It was used before the Cyril and means “to speak”.

This alphabet is composed for 41 characters, but some of them we don’t use anymore. As well, they used the alphabet like a numbers as well, because in that time they hadn’t another symbols for that.

There is two kinds. First the Bulgarian alphabet, and then this developed to create the Croatian alphabet with more stylized forms. We have been learning the second one.

About the experience, was really great, and all of us were trying to make with the best calligraphy, but was a bit hard in the begining 🙂 . But finally everybody was able to write their own names in a readable way.

In my opinion is really great experience learn this kind of things because put the history more close to you and you can understand better everything that was happened in the country. Now every morning I try to learn this symbols and in this way to be able to understand more texts, more language, more life as well 🙂 .

And that is another history about how looks like Kuterevo Volunteer Experience 🙂

Sve je moguće, samo vjeruj


Making Rakija

Beginning of November… it’s time to make Rakija!

Since September, we’ve been collecting a lot of fruits (plums and drenjula), cleaning them and putting them in a barrel so they can ferment… Then we’ve had to wait few weeks before being able to distill them. We were quite impatient to see that!

And it’s now happening! Almost every night people from the village are distilling their fruits to make rakija for the year. This is a very nice period of the year because we can go to meet them and to see how they use the “happy machine” 😀

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