Spring at Kuterevo 2016

Hey you! Here are the new long term volunteers for 2016 in Kuterevo Bear Refuge! Unfortunately, we all are from France, but we will deal with it.

We are Keyvan, Lucine, and Florian.  Keyvan and Lucine who are Service Civique volunteers send by SCI France came on 18th of April. And Florian who stay here for an intership, came 2 days later.

Keyvan wanted to travel in the Balkan, living in community and in a natural place which he already knows a lot. Lucine can here to have a break with her study and cities, also learn about nature, and of course about bears. Florian is studying agronomy in an engineering school in Dijon (France). He has to do a 5-month internship and decided to come here to discover a new country and a new way to live sustainably.

This year, we are working with a all new organisation since Amelie left kuterevo the last winter. Annamaria is now handling the visitors and coordinating the volunteers while studying. A big challenge which doesn’t afray her. And we will do as much as possible to back her.

Since we arrived, we already met planty of other volunteers, staying from a few days to few months. And because without them nothing would have been possible we want to thanks all of them a lot ! They are Nicola Ivano, Anna, Mathis, YanYan, Jean, Ivana, Siniča, Marko, Aurelie, Magali… And of course our Barbara and Gloria from Kuterevo !

All together, moreover than guiding visitors who are already a lot, we work on giving back his youngness to American House with a new roof and second floor (that means a lot of plancks to move).


Few weeks ago Helena from Serbia and Jean an ex french volunteer in Kuterevo decided to bring back all the garden to life, and they did a lot ! Thanks to them we will have more and more vegetables to eat (don’t forget potatoes and cabbage)

Also finishing the place for shetlands poneys, coming from the closing Split zoo, who should arrive soon (that also mean moving a lot of planks).

Then, the grass season came, so we are collecting a lot of it from our neighbour’s fields. It’s a lot of works, but such a pleasure to look at the bears having fun in all this grass.

The workcamp : Into the bear forest 4 took care of Kopija, so the place is ready to welcome any of you and all inhabitants, as fairy and forest spirit (more informations about it in this article).

Of course, for those who love digging more than anything else, there is planty of work on old or news enclosure waiting for you!

For those who speak french , you can find a radio report made by Anna in April here.

Lucine, Keyvan and Florian

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