Here we are again, at Kopija, with the international group of Friends of the bears 🙂

As usual, we are there to learn from the forest and its incredible and sometimes mystical natural phenomenon. During our stay in the bear forest of Kopija, the place in Velebit where Kuterevo, Krasno and Kosinj meet, we will celebrate life and diversity of wilderness and people. Together with the full Moon, we will mark the arrival of Summer and Solstice. Moreover, we will be improving the camp site and the path (also known as Brussels road) which has been built by many volunteers in the past years…

Finally, after our workcamp, this place will be open for visitors of the Refuge, for those who would like to experience the forest in which bears are at home. These forests are precious, they are complex systems in which many living and non-living beings exist together and thus present our common heritage which we should preserve, but also understand and embrace.

At the beginning, we would like to share about basic survivals shelters and fire in the forest. Kuterevo friend of the bears, Rudi Oškera, whose roots from mother’s side are connected to Kuterevo, came back to Kopija to share a bit of his knowledge about shelters and fire.

Altogether, we learned by doing who to build A-format and lean-on shelter, with the heart reflector.  And here you can see how it was…

… beginning of the workcamp

…A-format shelter

…lean-on shelter

..and firecraft

to be continued…

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