Summer EVS in Kuterevo Refuge

Velebit Association Kuterevo is looking for volunteers, preferably from neighbouring partner countries (Western Balkans) who are willing to join Kuterevo Bear Refuge project for 2 months during summer 2016 (July & August) throug EVS program (European Voluntary Service)

The volunteers will support Kuterevo Bear Refuge and the Volunteers’ Station in some of the following activities:

  • construction work: digging and building new enclosures for animals
  • maintaining existing facilities
  • gardening and collecting food for the bears
  • welcoming and informing visitors, including groups
  • prepare program and exhibitions for village feasts
  • support coordination of voluntary groups (scouts and workcamps)
  • documenting events and life in the village as well as cultural and natural heritage

The volunteers are expected to learn in nonformal and experiential way:

  • basic Croatian
  • sustianable and simple living in an international community of volunteers
  • about bear biology, ecology, mythology, conservation aspects
  • about deep intereconnectedness among all living beings and role of bears in the web of life
  • living without Internet and in connection with nature
  • living with other people with very diverse backgrounds
  • how to deal with problems and solutions

Living conditions:

  • volunteers will be accommodated in rooms with local families, but sometimes it will be needed to stay in a forest camp; rooms will be shared with other volunteers
  • food (vegetarial, local, seasonal) will be prepared together with other volunteers in the Volunteers’ House
  • intensive course of Croatian language will take place during first 2 weeks
  • food, acoomodation, travel costs, insurance and pocket money covered through EVS program (if the project will be approved :))

Expectations from volunteers:

  • It is more than welcome, but not obligatory, that the volunteer has some previous experience in coordination of groups or workcamps and different types of outdoor work and activities.
  • volunteers should be ready for simple and communal way of living with dozen of other volunteers, interested in nature/bear conservation and coexistence with wilderness.
  • volunteers should be ready for a very intensive summer,
  • should be able to communicate openly, take over responsibilities and tasks agreed on and is flexible towards needs and priorities of the project.

If you are interested in spending 2 months in Kuterevo Refuge for bears and people send us your CV and motivation letter by 22nd of January 2016 to Motivation letter should answer the following questions:

  • why Kuterevo?
  • what do you expect to learn, to experience, to change?
  • what is your previous experience with nature?
  • why should we choose you?

We are looking forward to your applications!

Kuterevo bears & people


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