Active summer in Kutrevo – part 2

The second part of Active summer in Kuterevo started with “open space” workshops where shared some of our knowledge and skills. We had discussion about EVS opportunities and what we can all do to be more sustainable in our daily lives. We also learnt how to make bracelets and decorated our clothes with some wildlife images. We also talked about the science behind climate change.

The rest of the time here in Kuterevo was dedicated to groups projects and finalizing ones from the previous youth exchanges. Our aim was to create projects and actions which would leave a mark. That’s why we divided into four groups with different tasks. Our painting team left a permanent footprint on Kuterevo bear refuge by making a mural to greet the visitors. Some benches also got a makeover and brought even more color to the place.

The key task we undertook was to come up with a follow up project. We made a commitment to organize different actions in our home countries on 16th of October – International food day. This group is also writing a new project connected with the topics that we already covered and at the same time building up the knowledge that we gained during all Mountains connecting people Youth exchanges. Because we wanted to spread the word about the project and get more people involved and active we set up a special website. There we shared all the information, photos and activities from the three exchanges. The idea is to maintain the blog with useful information and updates future exchanges and actions. The translation team made the Food and climate change exhibition available in a six different languages – Bulgarian, Serbian, Russian, Albanian, Croatian and German.

Our Friday evening was very special because we had a ceremony which made us friends of the bears and the refuge. We had s special ritual where we received a beautiful bear necklace representing the Kuterevo spirit. It symbolizes the selfless and sharing way of interacting with each other which means giving without necessarily receiving something in return.

On our last day we shared with the others the result of our hard work. We left also our totem which will be staying in the refuge along with others from previous volunteers, youth exchanges and workcamps.

Another amazing exchange now came to its end!

Ivan, Milena, Petya and Nelly

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