EkoEtno festival 2015

Like every year, Kuterevo volunteers joined the EkoEtno festival in Otočac on the last Saturday of July.

This year, we went there with a full bus of 50 volunteers very happy to discover local traditions, music and food, to enjoy the party but also to contribute in our way!

In order to interact with locals, offer them some nice relaxing time and also some food for thought, volunteers organised different activities and occupied the place 🙂

While our Belgian scouts set up an amazing mini golf in the middle of the festival (local kids loved it and played till the middle of the night!) and offered pancakes all around, other volunteers (EVS, Service Civique and many others!) offered workshops on recycled jewels and making masks, a (bear-)reading corner, traditional games…

And like always, our bear mascot had a great success and thanks to its dancing skills many children joined the choreography 😀

We of course also tried to inform public about who are all there weird foreigners called “Kuterevo volunteers”, and about the goals of the organisation and the bear refuge project. It worked pretty well and many people were interested. Perhaps, because we got them closer to our stand and start speaking with them by offering delicious vegan carrot cake and home-made humus 🙂

Everyone was also welcome to taste our vegan gulash made by our EVS volunteer eko-Zuzka!

And for people who didn’t understand at first the deep values of our food and message, we had set up for the first time the exhibition “Food production and climate change” created during the Youth Exchange “Farewell to Spring in Pirin” where few of our volunteers took part a month ago 🙂

After this very nice evening, all volunteers went back home happy and satisfied, rich of a great new experience with locally of Otočac. See you next year!


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