Workcamp “Bears4Peace”

The workcamp Bears4Peace, included in the Climate for Peace campaign of SCI, took place in Kuterevo from the 27th of June to the 11th of July.

15 volunteers from 6 different countries came to participate : Agnieszka, Antek and Jarek from Poland, Lukas from Germany, Marian and Rocio from Spain, Mar and Cesar from Catalonia, Josefina and Kristyna from Czech Republic, Noémie and Pauline from France and Anya from Belarus. Finally Mathilde and Chloé, EVS and Service Civique volunteers and part of Postaja summer team were the leaders of the workcamp.


For two weeks, the group lived, worked, ate, drunk and laughed in the American House. Even if sometimes conditions of living were not fully appreciated (compost toilets, cold showers and vegetarian diet !), everybody enjoyed the stay.

They worked mainly in the garden and did a great job by building a green house, a pond, a keyhole for permaculture, a hostel for insects and by designing the whole garden for permaculture.

Besides that, they also collected food and fed the bears and they learned about plants and herbs with Nevenka from Krasno. They also shared about their country during an interesting intercultural night.

Moreover they learned about Croatian culture by meeting Kuterevo people : they danced with KUD and they visited local craftsmen. On Sunday, they went for a trip in the Velebit National Park and Senj. The view was amazing and the swimming was really nice, everybody had a lot of fun!

Departure was hard but these two weeks brought wonderful memories for everybody.

Mathilde and Chloé

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