Four new Volunteers in Kuterevo!

Hello! Postaja has a new team of Volunteers!

We are Lilli from Finland, Leo from Belgium, Aniol from Catalonia and Lukas from Bavaria! Lilli and Aniol, who stay here with EVS came on 5th of November, as well as Leo. Lukas arrived on 27th of October. While the two EVS people stay for eight months and Lukas for six, Leo is here for “only” one and a half months.

Since we are here, we were digging (a lot) and driving (even more) beton to the places where it was needed around the enclosures for tunnels and a new pool. Apart from that there was a huge cabbage party, which means that we harvested cabbage and now we have tons and tons of sour cabbage to survive in Kuterevo during the winter. We made all this sour cabbage with the help of two women from the village in Postaja. On the same weekend, we had another “party”: The next day all Postaja people were visiting a neighbor, who was making Rakija and he was very happy to see us coming to help and trying to integrate to the village. To provide a good integration, we started Croatian classes on Monday with Maja, a teacher from Otocac.

We already saw a lot of Volunteers arriving and leaving, for example Viktor from Belgium, Han-Na from Korea, Marie, also from Belgium and Amelie’s sister Elise. Right now Postaja is full of people, because of a French group – six helpers, who arrived on the 19th of November.

Aniol, Lukas, Leo and Lilli

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