Workcamp “Bear art 2” – the end

This is our last day, our work here is almost finished. We feel a bit nostalgic but also we know that we are bringing home a beautiful experience. After last week article, we would like to share here a bit more 🙂

On Saturday evening, we went to discover Kuterevo village a bit better. We met Milan, the craftsman making wooden chairs, and Teta Dragica, who knows how to knit the traditional shoes “Coklje”.

On Sunday (our day off) we went hiking in Northern Velebit Mountains. The weather was perfect and the view was breathtaking. After the hike on our way to Senj we stopped to visit Birds of Prey Conservation Centre where we saw some amazing vultures. In the centre they introduced us to the situation of endangered birds of prey in Croatia. We also learned more about the work they do to protect these incredible birds.

After that, we made a quick stop at the seaside to refresh ourselves in the Senj beach. And we finally stopped in Gorici to have pizza together with all the Kuterevo volunteer team.

On Monday we packed our things and headed to Kopija (forest camp), to get inspired by nature without any distractions – internet, even electricity or current hot water. It was the time of exploring our creativity in various ways. It was also a chance to prove ourselves that life can be nice without our usual commodities (and maybe more simple as well).

For the first evening up there, we cooked a big dinner for us and all our Postaja guests, because after work everybody came to Kopija for our Bear Ceremony, when we officially became “Kuterevo Volunteers”.

Our second day in Kopija was spent painting on rocks and planks for the bear mythology corner of the educational trail. Part of the team prepared a painting for a big rock wall on the road from Kuterevo to Kopija/Krasno. Some of us also worked on the Kuterevo-Kopija shortcut in the forest, making little stairs where needed and decorating rocks.

In the evening we had story telling evening around the fireplace – each of us shared a myth, poem, song or a fairytale about bears from their country. It was a nice opportunity to be together and to go deeper in the discovery of the place of bears in our cultures.

We as well took the time to enjoy the forest, listening to nature and trying to observe bears 🙂

The next day we worked, and in the evening, after two days of hard work in the forest we returned to Kuterevo, and finally took a hot shower!!!!!

In the last few days back in the refuge we finished all the work we started: the educational trail – Meditation Corner, Bear Mythology corner, paint quotes on fences, paint coats of arms with bears; finish the constellation mural, make the Bear Art History exhibition and many more little things.

Only few hours are left, and we still have something else to do: the last big football match and a big goodbye party!

We have truly enjoyed our time here, surrounded by bears and new friends from all over the world.

Create a Climate for Peace!

Marina, Michal, Kristine, Monica

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