Workcamp “Understanding bears”, the end

Our workcamp is coming to an end. The weather is hot again, but this time nobody is complaining. One of the reasons for that might be that our work is almost finished.

The fence team has cut the branches, sharpened the poles and made the fence – and supervised that the fence is treated with all the respect it deserves. Respecting the fence is particularly important because it aims to protect the plants of the bear botanical garden from intruders’ careless steps. Thanks to the herbarium team, the place that just two weeks ago was scarcely more than a bush is now a garden with plenty of bear­related plants and a stone­bordered path for visitors.

The signs team has been working hard to jigsaw 40 bear shaped signs and to write the names of the plants of the botanical garden on them. The signs for the souvenir shop are already in their places, and the welcome signs, as well as the signs leading visitors to the botanical garden and the medotation place, are just waiting to be hung up.

Thanks to the drawing team we now have paintings on a rock and wood. The team has also drawn the map of Europe on a bear shaped plank and written the names for ‘bear’ in different European languages on it. In addition to this, they have written human and town names that originate from ‘bear’ on the fence surrounding the enclosures and drawn the coats of arms of some cities named after the bear.

Our free time has been closely connected to the bear, too. Yesterday night we were sharing bear stories around the campfire. There was also a little contest for the best story. The winner’s teddy bear was granted to Dominik and his poem of bear the astronaut.

Bear the astronaut

There is a bear who could not sleep
his desire was just too deep
reach the sky and touch the star
how far away the sun, moon are?

I can climb the tree and turn the stone
each of these on my own
but touch the stars and reach the sky,
no success on every try.

The tallest tree’s not tall enough
stone on stone – it’s just too tough
but nothing’s here what i want more
than find and open these space door

Bear was sad, alone and lonely
from here I will tell you only,
he couldn’t eat, he couldn’t move
so close he’s now to heaven’s roof.

There was a bear, he’s dead, I’m sorry
but there is the point of whole this story:
Everyone is an astronaut
If you don’t know you will find out.

Today we are still going to make our own totem to commemorate the camp, to have evaluation, to shop for local slippers in the souvenir shop and to go for a dinner in Kuterevo’s only restaurant. Tomorrow some of us will say goodbye to the refuge, while others will enjoy its hospitality, volunteer work and simple lifestyle for a couple of days longer.


Pictures: Elena Quinteiro

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