Land for the bears – Let’s dig!

After almost a year of work for the Land for the bears campaign, we have already been able to collect nearly 15000€ and to buy two hectares of land where we will build new enclosure(s) for Kuterevo bears. This has been possible thanks to the help of many friends of the bears, visitors and other donators who have supported the project.

We are still working on gathering enough resources to buy materials and build the new enclosure, but we’ve started to work on the area by using what we have here: good will of volunteers ready to give their time and energy for the bears 🙂

Summer in Kuterevo is the time for hot sun and volunteer invasion. In July and August, not less than 300 volunteers have been here, and we especially used the energy, young muscles and motivation of many Belgian scouts to start preparing the land. This work was then continued by other volunteers, groups from the Belgian organization Bouworde, English scouts, and volunteers from all over Europe coming for few days or few weeks…

The very beginning of the work has consisted in discovering the area and the possibilities offered by the natural design of the land. In that place rich of trees, bushes and rocks that will enlighten bears’ days, volunteers have been digging, moving rocks, cutting branches and cleaning the area. We can thus already see the land transformed and the bases of several pools and caves.

There are still many things to work on for the new enclosure, and while the colder days stopped the preparation of the land during winter months, we are still trying to collect enough resources to be able to work further when beautiful spring days will come again.

Spring should be hard-working time!


2 responses to “Land for the bears – Let’s dig!”

  1. Antoinette van Mill

    Dear Amelie and orher voluteers , especially mine niece Lydie.
    The more I read about the organisation the more I understand about it. What a nice and important work you have to do for the bears.
    You may be proud off the money you have collect for Kuterevo bears by hard working this year. I wish you all a blessed Christmas and a happy new year. Enjoy each other.
    Dear greetings from Antoinette van Mill from the Netherlands.

    1. Dank dank voor je bericht! Lees het toevallig haha 😀
      Groetjes terug, Lydie

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