International Volunteer Day 2013

ivdEach 5th of December, we celebrate International Volunteer Day, and this year takes place a special tribute to the contribution of young volunteers in global peace and sustainable human development.

Kuterevo volunteers will use this opportunity to meet local youngsters and make workshops in schools and high schools nearby. On the 5th, we will go to the high school in Otočac, and next week we will visit primary schools in Kuterevo, Brinje and Vrhovine. We will try to share our experience as volunteers and the values and meaning of volunteering. We wish as well to show and underline for young people the chances of volunteering at local, national or international level, the values that this kinds of activities have for the community, for the learning and growing personal process.

Moreover, we think that this day is the perfect moment for getting to know better the community where we will live for a year and to start building connection with the local students. With those who wish to join us, we would like to create a plan for common volunteer projects and actions throughout all the year.

Children and youngsters strength for changing the world should never be underestimated. As international volunteers, we would like to spread the word about what is possible, and we are looking forward to meet local youngsters, to share, to learn from each other and to listen to their ideas and proposals. And we hope that together, we will manage to make them real 

Happy international volunteer day for every one!!!


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