New EVS team!

Hi! We are the new EVS generation from October 2013 till October 2014. In our team we have six different countries:

The sweetest one who wants to hug everybody is Guacimara from Canary islands, the biggest musician with 10.000 songs in his head is Teo from Italy, the youngest and most active one is Lukas from Lithuania, the birthdayboy who had the honor the get the first party was Sebastien from France, then we have the roommates from the Netherlands and Germany, Lydie loves to take pictures and Nicole really doesn’t like to be on any picture.

The past month we already have learned a lot about Kuterevo, the mountains and forest around us, all kinds of work and meeting many locals. We also are studying Croatian this autumn, of course practice more in wintertime and speak fluently in spring and summer 😉 !

We hope to meet you soon or a little later in Kuterevo! If you have any questions before you come, feel free to ask us :-).

Greetings from all of us, Guacimara, Teo, Lukas, Sebastien, Nicole and Lydie

4 responses to “New EVS team!”

  1. I can not wait to meet you guys! Enjoy Kuterevo 🙂 Kristine

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