Bear and people – From myths to reality – Hiking in Velebit

Sunday, in the early morning, we took a bus to the Velebit National Park. We were going to hike over the park for the next six hours, enjoying wild nature and exploring bear habitat.

In the park there were beautiful trees and plants, interesting mushrooms that were growing in the trees, white rocks and stunning views. The path we followed was very narrow, following the mountain sides, and the view on forest and cliffs was amazing.

On the way there was a small path to the top of the mountain.  We needed to climb with both our feet and our hands to reach the top. There we got rewarded: the view was amazing! We could admire the great mountains all around us and even see the Adriatic Sea and islands. On the top there was also a cute old metal post box, where visitors could leave their messages. We found several notes that other Kuterevo volunteers had left in the box before us.


In that point of the hike, we were all very hungry. It was time for lunch break on a beautiful field. As soon as pieces of bread and cheese appeared on the grass, the people started to gobble it up as if we were starving lions.

On the second half of the hike we walked very quickly because after the national park we wanted to go to the beach, to swim! So no photographing, just running. When we finally had crossed the park and saw our bus, it felt like a miracle.

After the exciting bus trip over the mountains, we reached “the beach” in Senj, which actually was a port. However, the water was turquoise and clear and very refreshing. Some of us were jumping from the rocks into the sea, others swimming or just enjoying the sun.


Near Kuterevo we stopped again for dinner. It was home-made pizza! We were again super hungry and hate up all our pizzas.

Back in Kuterevo, it was the last night of the Belgian group. They showed everyone photos of their three weeks of their volunteering here and we said goodbye to each other. The day was very demanding but also gave us a lot. It was a great day.

Ella, Marino, Mikel

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