Bear and people – from myths to reality

Yesterday, the Youth Exchange “Bear and People – from myths to reality”, which gathers 20 people from Croatia, Bulgaria, Finland and Spain, started in Kuterevo Bear Refuge


During 10 days, we will learn about bears, their life, biology, habitat… but more than that, the idea is to explore myths, legends, stories, tales about bears from our different countries and cultures. Through that, we will try to understand better our relation with bears and wilderness, to feel the bear power, to get back in the time when people and animals were living together in harmony, to reconnect with nature.


We are at the very beginning of the project and we’ve just started to get to know each other and at the same time to enter in the topic by discovering the place and the bear refuge project, and by sharing first bear stories.


In the next few days, we will go deeper in the search for the bear spirit living in our cultures and for connection with wilderness and we will share here with you our different activities and new things that we are discovering about bears 🙂


Organised with the Youth in Action program, this project will be a great opportunity to share, learn, and (re)discover how people are connected with nature, and how important the bear is for wilderness, and in our cultures.

Vladimir, Josipa and Amélie

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