Land for the bears

Land for the bears Kuterevo

Most of you are familiar with the idea of Kuterevo Bear Refuge, so this call might be surprising for you or might be not. We, bears and volunteers, left the winter behind us, but in the same time, Spring has brough us several new challenges. This campaign is one of the biggest. 

From very beginning, although initial finances were donated by Zagreb bank and several Bear fundations, the refuge has been run mostly thanks to the support of hundreds of volunteers, thousands of visitors and small donors, and great understanding of Kuterevo community.

In summer 2011, the last enclosure for young bears was finished thanks to the campaign 66 posts which was organized by our friends from Germany – Aktionbärenkinder. In september 2012, a 9-months old orphan came in Kuterevo bears, joining the 8 bears already living in the refuge, and with this new arrival we are about to reach our limits of space.

This fundraising campaign is coming from a great need, a need for more land, new enclosures and reconstruction of old enclosures That is necessary if we are want to save new orphans and improve conditions for current residents. We believe that this is possible and that will happen, simply because the refuge has been working like that for more than 10 years. Support from Friends of the bears was never questionable. The only difference, the reason for us to open this campaign, is that we have to collect money, materials or tools, in order to finish that as soon as possible, because at the moment, there is no space for new orphan cubs.


Volunteers are ready and enthusiastic, and this year we are expecting around 20 groups in summer and dozens of volunteers who will help us from one week till one year 🙂 But we are lacking resources, materials, tools… Maths are simple here…. as well as our decision to actively and worldwidely ask for support.

That’s why we are looking for all possible little support from many friends, that will make our campaign a success – for the bears 🙂

  • If you prefer, you can as well make a direct donation to our bank account:

Kuterevo 109, 53225 Kuterevo, Croatia
Bank account: Erste Bank IBAN: HR3024020061100267578. SWIFT: ESBCHR22

  • Or you can come personally to Kuterevo bear refuge where you can meet volunteers from all around Europe 🙂

You can, as well, support us by spreading the message to your friends, family and various networks, in order to reach more Friends of the Bears caring about this cause.

On behalf of Kuterevo bears, we thank you for your support and we hope to see you in Kuterevo.

For more information about the Refuge, bears, campaign and its progress, please check: our web-page in Croatian:,
this volunteers blog in English or
blog of Aktionbärenkinder in German

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