Act for a global change

On this blog, we often talk of global issues and small tips to change our way of life at a local level, but we’ve never written about the great actions of some companies which use their well-known images to make a real difference and lead to a global change. Because of their great size and big influence, their impact is far faster and stronger than what we can do at our local level. That’s why it’s very interesting to explore few opportunities of taking action with them in a simple way. This doesn’t ask much effort and everybody can do it in a daily base 🙂

Drink more Coca-Cola


Each time your drink Coca-Cola, you’re actually making a step to a more sustainable world. Indeed, Coca-Cola company has been multiplying actions to make a real change. It would not be possible to talk here about all of them, but I would like to underline its activities in Poland to educate consumers about recycling, its financial support for water treatment centers in Ghana and its inovative truckers saving gas.

An even greater action by Coca-Cola is to be part of world wide campaigns for sustainability and climate change. A amazing example is ArcticHome, which aims to save the arctic from melting and thus to save polar bears 🙂

More information:

Support Nestlé

NestlĂ© is acting for sustainability by making big efforts to improve its environmental impacts. This concerns its products but as well its activities, and it’s put into practise for example through energy saving, distribution, packaging, and many more.

Buying Nestlé products, you give your support to a company really willing to make a difference by changing its own practices and thus leading its customers to do the same!

More information:

nestleNestlé eco-friendly plastic bottles.

McDonalds – « greener than ever »

mcdoA good way to make your life better, healthier and easier is to eat in McDonald’s restaurants. More than saving water because you won’t have to wash the dishes, you will support a corporation which took a step for our common future by promoting and putting in actions important values like sustainability, recycling and animal welfare.

McDonald’s vision is “to become one of the leaders in sustainability for our industry sector and for major industries within our supply chain, driving positive changes through our entire operations”.


Learn more:

Fly green!

Another way to act for a global change is to choose to travel in a eco-friendly way. For that, few companies have started to adapt their offer for the needs of their consumers… and of the planet! And good example is the one of the climate friendly travel agency With a very simple idea, this company makes a real difference : when you book your flights on their website, they directly pay your Carbon Offset amount on your behalf. You can then enjoy their « Eco Tours » and « Climate friendly vacations » without worrying for your future and the one of your children!

So what could be a better conclusion for that article than what says:

“Together we can help the earth!”



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