My first month in Kuterevo

Here I am – the russian volunteer who can knit a sweater. I come here to do my EVS and going to stay about one year. (learn more about EVS here).

Kuterevo is much better than I expected. But the first days were suspicious. When I got out of the bus in Otocac I saw Kristine and Ivan walking towards me. But right after I greeted them, my new friends asked me to stay where I was and they just left me alone. After 5 minutes I started to think that they just did not like me and they would never come back. But fortunately they did.


And then there was a very warm welcome in Postaja with homemade cookies in the shape of bear heads and letters of my name. During my first nights, the house where I was supposed to live was almost as cold as outside plus it was smoky because we tried to heat it in a not so smart way. Luckily, after a few days our neighbors (who are the parents of the owners of our house) started the central heating system and everything became perfect.

EVS On-arrival training in Orahovica (learn more about on-arrival training here).

The first thing I learned when I came to Orahovica is that doors in Croatian trains do not open easily. So.. I missed my train station. I also almost missed my bus station when I first came to Otocac, so either there is something wrong with the Croatian transport, or with me not being able to use it.

The training was useful and fun. Perfect. Our free time we spent in a swimming pool or practicing juggling, sharing all the magic tricks we know and trying to solve riddles and inappropriate brainteasers. The weather was wonderful. Warm and sunny.

The highlight of the training was the desserts. But still, they can’t be compared to home-made banana cakes of volunteers in Kuterevo.


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