The International Volunteer Day 2012

The 5th of December was a happy day for volunteers all over the world – the International Volunteer day. Our volunteer team dedicated this day to raise awareness about volunteering for the town Otočac community, with the help of high school voluntary club and the support of the library (thanks to them!).

We started our day in the Otočac radio station. Our girls together with Ana-Marija from the high school voluntary club introduced the radio listeners to their volunteer experiences.
After that we had two workshops with school children – first in the library with a class of primary school, and then in the high school with teenagers. In the workshops we discussed such topics as “What is volunteering”, “Where would I like to volunteer”, and “Why would I like to volunteer”, we had a map “Where to volunteer in close distance”, a statement game and a situation game about volunteering.

The participants were active, we had a lot of fun, we learned, they learned, and we got a chance to improve our Croatian!

And while the other volunteers were celebrating the 5th of December in Otočac, Ivan and Amélie went to Zagreb, to OŠ Voltino school, to give a concrete example of volunteering with the story of Kuterevo Bear Refuge.


P.S. The much awaited Russian volunteer Azat has finally arrived! Welcome to the forest, Azat 🙂

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