Global Week of Action to Demand Climate Justice

Take one week, a real and urgent world problem, and people who feel concerned and want to change as they can: it was for example the Global Week of Action to Demand Climate Justice from 12 to 18 November 2012, an initiative to make people think about how our way of life can affects to Climate change and to call rich countries to reduce their pollution.

During that week we made a video that tell the story about “our friend the Polar bear”. The video is an example of how the climate change can affect the animals and the life in the Earth in general. So, the purpose of the video is to make people reflect and be conscious that with daily acts we can change the life of people and animals all around the world.

Here, in Kuterevo, we not only provide shelter to bears, also we try to live in a sustainable way and we are trying always to improve and, in fact, to reduce our pollution. For example we use solar collectors, collect food from our gardens and buy as much local food as possible to consume less energy.


If you want to read more about Climate Justice click here.

Alice and Marco

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