The new EVS generation

The summer is gone, all the belgian scouts are gone and with them the first EVS ekipa – Zoe, Amelie, Daniel, Millo and Max. Good luck, guys!

But for Kuterevo this is a new beginning – we have a fresh new team of 5 volunteers (also called the EVS ansamble) who will stay in Kuterevo for a year!

Elina from Kuopio, Finland arrived first – in the beginning of August. She’s the youngest sister of five, a lovely singer, makes great concrete and in her free time she loves sleeping under tables.

When Kim  from Amsterdam, Netherlands arrived it was paprika time in Postaja. She loves biology! Kim used to be a coordinator and a member in the positive green organisation SHARE (Sustainably Happy Realists

Dominik is a nice German guy from Ravensburg. He loves martial arts, Spanish language, and his cool parents. Dominik has been a member of Friends of The Earth for 10 years! He also likes to ride a bike, read books and doing sports.

Marco from Murcia, Spain is our latest newcomer. He has studied enviromental science, he likes meteorology, reading, saving frogs and hiking while listening to Madonna.

The last, but not least volunteer is not here yet, but he already has a place by our common table – it’s Azat form Russia. So far we only know that he can knit a sweater!

So if you come to be a volunteer this year, you will meet us !

Besides that you will also meet the our two girls of EVS generation one-and-a-half, Helena is staying till November and Kristine till March. You will meet Mathieu from Belgium and Helena from Serbia, and you will meet Amelie who’s back in Kuterevo!


(more about EVS)

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