What happened in Kuterevo during the summer of 2012?

In the beginning of summer, 21-24 of June, was a gathering to mark and remember the 10 years of the Bear refuge. We were visited by local families, friends of the refuge, ex-volunteers, media and the government. In these days we had discussions about the refuge in past, the refuge now and the future of the refuge. It was nice to see each other again!

Of course there is a lot of work around the refuge in summer, and we got a lot of help from groups of scouts. We have built new paths, stairs, stone walls, flagpoles, renovated bear enclosures, did a lot of work in Kopija. Thanks to all the 300 scouts from Belgium, France and Spain!










The Alex club from Germany was here and helped us (our first volunteer in wheelchair). Also, as a tradition, the German Red Cross came and helped us work. We made frozen fruit and water ice-cream for the bears, collected grass, and made some bear toys with hidden fruits and nuts.

Thanks for an unforgettable summer!

It was very hot this summer didn’t rain for two months. We could smell the smoke from the forest fire in the mountains and villages nearby. Many gardens in the village were dry, vegetables were dying, but we succeeded to grow up some beans, onions, garlic, salad, tomatoes and zucchinis.

We had three SCI work camps here in Kuterevo – Trash art work camp in 9-23 July, Balkan work camp at Kopija 5-19, Bear camp 20 august- 1 September.

It was a crazy and busy summer with a lot of people and hot weather, but we had fun!

Thanks to all the friends of the bears for this summer!

Helena D.

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