Peace Caravan in Kuterevo

From 13th to 17th of July we had the exclusive opportunity to host the traveling Peace Caravan (which unfortunately came without a caravan). Peace Caravan – eight people, six nationalities, two genders, one goal – peace.

The Peace Caravan introduced us to the peace manifest (you can read and sign it online) which is one of the main reasons they are traveling around – to spread the message and collect signatures.

They organized a workshop about consumerism and sustainable living for all the volunteers and scouts.

As the Peace Caravan was just on time on the local catholic celebration Karmenica, it was decided to have a discussion about peace and religion. A catholic and an orthodox priest were invited for the discussion: Tomislav Šporčić from Croatian Catholic Churc from Otočac and Milos Orelj from Serbian Orthodox Church from Drežnica. This had never been done here before and it turned out to be a successful discussion, many questions and answers, many pins of view, opinions and experiences.

“We believe in a world where religions can co-exist with no borders for peace.” – A quote from the Peace caravan blog.

During their stay here the Peace Caravan participated in the local catholic event, visited and fell in love with the Kopija camp, went hiking in the Velebit Mountains, visited a local carpenter and left a little part of their peace to us.

More info about peace caravan, their actions in Kuterevo and other places can be found in their blog –


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