The three new volunteer girls in Kuterevo

Irene from Alicante, Spain. She arrived here in March and will leave in August. Irene is an experienced volunteer, she has volunteered in several World Wide Fund projects. She sent an e-mail to Kuterevo by mistake so it was her destiny to come here!

Irene is in love with the sea, summer and Sicily. The only thing she hates is the rain. She is a dog-trainer and scuba diver, also photographer and a librarian, her life dream is to go to Australia. Irene’s live philosophy is to live her own life and let others live theirs.
Irene is in love with the people here in Kuterevo, because they are accepting even if others don’t speak their language. However she cannot wait to start the language course so she can talk to the local animals and insects.

Helena Davidsson from Gothenburg, Sweden. Helena has been in Kuterevo since May and she is staying here till November. She came here by train all the way from Sweden. Helena is 29 years old, the oldest EVS volunteer here, but in her spirit Helena feels younger here in Kuterevo.

As a Swedish Helena is very organized and she sometimes gets teased a little for that. Croatia is very different from Sweden. Here in Balkans Helena is missing the structure and organization of work. But she is happy to learn Croatian and the new culture that Kuterevo offers. Helena feels the people here are very kind and friendly. She sometimes likes to go the local Catholic Church in Sundays, despite the fact that her religion is Protestant.
Helena loves to take photos with one of her three cameras, baking and cooking. She bakes very tasty bread and makes nice elderflower syrup. Also she is fond of Radler beer (beer with lemon taste) which has been a pleasant discovery for her here in Croatia. She is also interested in the nature and animals. Helena is doing her best in every task, she is a kind and warm person.

Kristine from Jelgava, Latvia. She is the newest and youngest member of the Kuterevo volunteer team, the first of the second Kuterevo EVS volunteer generation. Kristine arrived in the beginning of June and will stay here until the end of February.

She quit university and decided she wants to discover the world and practice wanderlust. Kristine is an adventurous girl who loves to travel and hitchhike, as well as read and write, do arts.

Kristine has a smile-on-the-face attitude to everything what happens around and to challenges. Her life philosophy is to do one thing every day that scares you.
Kuterevo is a paradise for Kristine because of the mountains and atmosphere; she likes the bears and the beers.

Welcome to the team!

2 responses to “The three new volunteer girls in Kuterevo”

  1. Wow, all the girls will be staying such a long time! I’ll be joining for 2 weeks only, at the end of the summer (20-08 / 01-09) But I’m so very excited! I’m almost 29 and have the Dutch organizational skills, so I had to laugh when reading the part about Helena 🙂 I’m keeping a close eye on the blog to read about the developments and can’t wait to start blogging from/for Kuterevo ^-^

    1. Can’t wait to meet you, Linda! 🙂

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