Gardening times

Spring is coming and with it, the time to start gardening again. We start to prepare everything and to decide what kind of vegetables, fruits, herbs and other we want for our gardens. We also revised our compost and need to think about which will be the best way to distribute everything. For this, we have chosen to follow the principles of the permaculture.

Why permaculture? Because is based on the ethical principles (care for the earth, care for people and fair share) taking into account the rules of the nature for making their own designs with less effort, which achieves the maximum effect.

Permaculture is a concept created by Bill Morrison and David Holmgren and means permanent agriculture, and by the time, this concept developed to permanent culture, which covers all aspects of life. Nowadays, it also takes into account the personal, economical, social and political reorganization.

Permaculturists are inspired by observing nature and thus they rely upon natural patterns. As in many other great cultures, permaculture can be seen trough 5 elements (wáter, soil, energy, air and people), which overlap with each other and create a web of life which is nicely presented by the holistic, permaculture flower.

Following this principles and because we want to reuse everything, we continuous with the compost and the warms help this to make hummus, perfect for our garden. Following the principles of permaculture, we don’t use any chemicals trying to help the planet and avoid the climate change, the loss of biodiversity or other problems like intensive chemical agriculture.


As well you can use the compost from the dry toilets, but we prefer use this for plan trees and no the aliments. As well, the animals are an important part of this system. They provide us shit (manure), that we use for fertilizing the soil, then they help cleaning the land and as well are a source of products (like eggs, milk, etc).

Permaculture can be implemented in every country and every place. Actually 120 countries are practicing that and is possible follow the principles as well in the city, all is just creativity. It is possible to plant on balconies, roofs, sharing plot of land with neighbors, buying local, recycling, participating in consume cooperatives…

There are many available resources on internet about permaculture and we invited you to check the next links if you are more interesting about that 🙂

Institute for permaculture

And as well with some pictures about the permaculture course that Bruno and Ivan give to us:


And finally, we want to let you know that in Crotia, permaculture movement is rapidly growing. Institute for permaculture was founded last year, while there are several interested permaculture places which can be visited:


Recycled Estate



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