Franco-croatian Gig in Picasso bar in Otočac

On Friday, 3rd of February, 2 frenchies of our dear volunteers, had a concert in a bar in Otočac.

Millo, pianist, 22 years old, student in ecology from Alps mountains, and Hugo, guitarist-singer, 32 years old, sound engineer from Paris have presented selection of french songs and music pieces, in this bar called Picasso. The whole volunteer team was there also to support them.

This bar is a particular rock place, out of  turbo-folk music community. What is quite unusual in Otočac. The bar team has welcomed us really nicely.

The goal of this concert was to make discover French music to Croatian people. Old songs and also new songs, from Edith Piaf, Django Reinhart to Les Ogres de Barbak and Pierpoljak. As Croatian music is quite unknown in France, French music isn’t widespread in Croatia.

2 croatian music players (Berislav Kostelac – Bero and Kristijan Kostelac – Krile) have joined them for 4 songs. And even without preparation, the result came out really nice.

After their set, the jam session was opened, alternating with modern music, Croatian and international, sessions from the computer. We could have seen that music is a way of communication in its own right. And so have lasted ’till the earlier hours of the morning.

To make a connection with folk music, in the way to understand the culture of Craotia, they have played also during the Kuterevska Večer party in Zagreb, on the 4th of  February, with Kud Karmenica, in costume.

 Article in Novilist-Lika online


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