Looking for tracks

Last week, the snow came back to Kuterevo. It was not a lot and it stayed only two days, but it was still enough to be a very nice opportunity to go to the forest to look for tracks in the snow. And we were rather lucky! In few hours we found a big amount of tracks from wild pigs, foxes, roe deers, hares… and even paw prints that we think to be from wolves! Only bears were missing.

We decided to follow the wolves’ tracks to see where they were going and we had a wonderful and very interesting time. The tracks led us through the forest, in rocks, on paths, in clearings… We lost the track, we found it again, we saw where the animals jumped, where they stopped to pee, where they went through a place full of tracks from other animals… It was an amazing way to discover the forest’s life.

We also surprised a big and beautiful bird of prey taking its lunch on a tree stump. The bird flew away with its meal when we arrived, but it left enough clues (fur, blood, paw and wings prints in the snow) to make us guess that it was eating a squirrel!

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Seeing so many tracks, which appeared only in one night, made us remember how much the forest is alive, full of various species living together. In the silent and white forest, we felt as what we really are: only guests, small part of the nature, one species among others.


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