Married Christmas, ups! Merry Christmas

We are really close to Xmas days, days for to eat, to have fun and to drink. Drink for to forget all the things that we are making wrong. In no place in the Bible, Christ said “buy as much as possible”. Fore sure now, he is talking to God about the possibility of two other planets for human survival (like a Xmas present jajaja). Even Santa Claus has turned into red to see that 😛

On these dates, Americans spend 450 billions of dollars and only with 20 billion a year we could solve world water problem. As well, the level of the decoration light consumption, the waste growth, more meat eaten by people and all of that is being “translated” into climate change, decrease of habitat for the animals, plants and fungi, and consequentially it also affects the BEAR.

Therefore we wanted to share with you some pages were you can check more about all that, since they propose great alternatives for Xmas:

Besides that, we would also like to share some tips for having an eco-friendly Christmas:

  • Re-use (wrapping paper, plastics bags, boxes, etc…)
  • recycle waste (paper, bottles, etc)
  • you can turn off the light from the Xmas tree during the day (only the  Christmas tree light increases 15% the electricity of your home)
  • if you decided to buy presents, buy local products, give some money to NGO (bears always need you 😛 ) or if you feel inspired enough, just make something by yourself, for sure people will appreciate your effort (ex.
  • buy local food, and make a list when you go to buy, in this way you are sure that you will buy only things that you really need (on these days people cook more food than they can eat, and then they put a loooot of food on the trash bin, while there are millions of people dying of hunger at the same time)
  • instead the Xmas tree, you can use a pine branche, that looks like a real pine tree. You can use one plastic tree, and in this way you can use it every year. You can make your own tree recycling ( and finally, if you want to buy a real tree, plant it when the Christmas time is finished 🙂
  •  use the fewest number of Christmas lights as possible (or use led lights)
  •  the recycling ornaments are pretty as well
  • and the candles can be made from vegetable oil instead of petroleum (the environment will thank you 😀 )

We also invite you not to forget that every day can be special, not only Xmas. Use every day spend time with your friends, and with other people that are alone and lonely. We proposed you to give hugs, because they are free and there is nothing better than a warm friendly hug. And if you even get a smile back, then you will have the greatest gift of all.

Lastly, we wish you a shopping-free Xmas with this movie for your free (holiday’s) time 🙂

What would Jesus buy

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