Vegy Hamburguer!

This month arrived a big box with home-made veggie food such as tofu, seitan, tempeh, black-olive paste etc. I was really excited, because I really like to cook and since I moved here I wanted to make this veggie hamburger which is presented in this text ūüôā

The reason for to buy veggie food, is not only because it is really tasty ūüėÄ (if you know the way for to cook that), it is as well because the consumption of meat is one of the most important causes of the global warming. According FAO, meat and dairy production, contributes to greenhouse gas emissions with 18%. Meat production not only contributes to climate change and land degradation but is also a cause of air and water pollution and biodiversity loss. One study showed that more than 45,000 lives a year could be saved if everyone ate meat no more than two or three times a week.

There are many ways how individuals can make changes that will benefit to the environment, climate and future generations. Veggie food is one of those choices…

vegy hamburger

But not all the veggie-food respect the environment. There is one more important thing that you need to know before to start to buy veggie products. Not all the soya, oats and cereals are eco-friendly.

There is a huge deforestation going on in the Amazon in order to provide land for to plant this kind of plants, which are then being sold as BIO or VEGGIE in the markets all around the world. Forest destruction, including additional gas emissions due to carbon that was absorbed in the trees, pollution and injustice done to the local communities in those regions are just a few, but sufficient reasons for all to think  about what we it and where it comes from.

The food that we buy from our friends from Zagreb (Naruńći kod nas) is mostly eco-friendly and home-made and here is the recipe I would like to recommend as eco-friendly meal.

Recipe (that I learn from one friend of mine):


  • ¬†500gr tofu
  • ¬†420gr. oats
  • ¬†2 spoons of chickpeas flour (or normal flour if you don’t have chickpeas)
  • ¬†3 spoons of tamari or soya sauce
  • ¬†breadcrumbs
  • ¬†parsley
  • ¬†paprika
  • ¬†pepper


Destroy the soft tofu. Put the oats with a little hot water and the tree spoons of soya or tamari sauce. When the oats are soft, mix with the tofu and the flour. Wait 20 minutes and then mix with the spices and a little breadcrumbs. Make the hamburgers and passes for flour. Then, you can fry or if you don’t want to eat in the moment, or if you want to conserve, you can put in the freezer.

Dobar Tek! ūüôā

Zoe and Helena

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