5th of December – International Volunteer Day

International Volunteer Day! Our team couldn’t miss this opportunity to talk about volunteering with local people. That’s why we organised a “small” event in Otočac, in the library. I say “small” because we wanted something simple and informal, but at the end it was not so small. 70 to 80 people came and the day was quite busy! We had a lot of fun with all these youngs, sharing our experiences, playing some games, making posters…

What is volunteering? Why being a volunteer? What can I do as a volunteer? Where? In y local community? In a foreign country? With who? What is EVS? We tryed to answer all these questions in an interactive way, and we hope some of the young people who were here got our message and will soon enjoy a great experience, like we do in Kuterevo 🙂

And don’t forget that there is only one condition to be a volunteer: to have the will!

Help! Enjoy! Share! Be useful! Learn! Travel! Meet new people! Get involved! Express yourself! Discover! 

Volunteer! Make the difference 🙂


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