Good Wood!

This weeks, we are preparing woods for to spend the next months. Kuterevo is a villege really cold in winter, with temperature till -20º, and with a lot of snow, rain and ice. For this reason is necesary for us use something for to be warm. But here there are a question, because is easy to use conventional hitting, but then we think how much electricity you need for this…

organizing woods

More or less, for the basic need of the population, one person use 2.600 kcal/day, in one year 1.100 kwh/person. But the figure in a mundial scale is 19.100 kwh/person and year. And the use of the energy is consumed for one quarter of the population whose expend three quarters of the total energy in the world.

When you think in this data and what supose this for the environment (CO2, global warming, the oil shortage…), is necesary to find solutions. For us this solution is use wood. Besides, when we use the kitchen, in the same time the house is warm, and you can cook. All are adventages .

sandrine cooking

This tradicional way for to warm the house (and still use for cook during the summer) is used for half of this village, since Teta Dragica  still us. And is a funny way for to work all togethers.

volunteers and wood

Moreover, now in winter all the morings one of us need to go 1 hour before for to warm Postaja. And specially for one of us, is a hard work. She spend more than half and hour fighting to survive the fire (she was a city lady hahaha). But there are anothers volunteers whose are expert in this area. You can see Amelie starting the fire 🙂 .

Amelie making fire

Use wood, is good! 🙂

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  1. I think we should all try to follow the idea of 10 000 trees 😀

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