Belgium scouts’ experience – summer 2011

Hello everybody,

First of all, a short presentation is required; my name is Antoine de Comité and I’m a member from the first scout unit from Mouscron. This summer we went to a summer camp in Croatia, including a five days project in the Volunteer Center in Kuterevo. We arrived Thursday, 30th of June, during the afternoon. We set up our tents and met the other volunteers working there. We also learnt the rules, very permissive, governing the camp, including those related to the sanitary.

Scouts summer 2011

The next day, after a first invigorating night, we started to work: we moved wheelbarrows of gravel to allow the construction of an enclosure for the young bears. Although this work was quite physical we didn’t feel tired because of the friendship that was established very quickly between the volunteers in these idyllic landscapes. We also build a table and two benches to improve the comfort in the Belgium house.

Now let’s talk about the heroes of this camp, that is to say the bears, these strong animals, almost mythical, but looking so sweet, so cuddly. We were incredibly lucky to be able to meet them in this captivity almost wild. We owe this chance to this volunteer camp, to all the people who helped to build this project and first of all to Helena, who was of the most valuable help.


2 responses to “Belgium scouts’ experience – summer 2011”

  1. Bonjour ! je suis pionnier à la 81 ème unité de bruxelles Horizon et nous sommes très interssé pa le projet que vous avez vécu …
    Pouvez vous nous indiquer comment nous pourrions contacter les organisateur de ce projet ?
    Merci d’avance ! 🙂


    1. Bonjour,
      le meilleur moyen est de contacter Helena : (in English please!)

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