Caroline and Sandrine’s experience

Sandrine and me are traveling around the world, walking ( This trip will take 10 years. We started the 1st June 11 from France. We heard about Kuterevo volunteers from a long time ago. Kilian and Thierry ( were here a few years ago and they recommend us this place. So from the beginning of our trip we planned to male a stop here, and give help.

Building the new wooden house

We spent 1 month living and working with volunteers, learning about bears, what they eat, how they live, how to recognise tracks in the forest… We also gave help building a wooden house, storing food for the bears (bread and corn), make showing visitors around and trying to explain to them more about this association. We also participated in the collective life (Sandrine is a really good cook now 🙂 ).

Sandrine is cooking

Tomorrow we will keep going our way to the south of Croatia and then Montenegro, Serbia… It’s was really great to see how this place works, we learnt more about bears but also more about Croatia.

Storing bread.

Hvala lijepa Kuterevo !


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